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Thinking about making a flood insurance claim? For business owners, the risk of flooding is a real concern. In the event of a flood, it’s important to know how to make a flood insurance claim and what you need to do to get your business back up and running as soon as possible. To help you prepare for such an eventuality, here’s a short overview of what you need to know about making a business flood insurance claim.

How Do I Make A Flood Insurance Claim?

If your business has been affected by flooding, the first step is to contact Claimrite who will contact your insurer and file a claim. Navigating a claim for flood damage can be complicated and stressful, but taking the right steps immediately following an incident could make all the difference. Take photos of any property or content damages as soon as possible, create an inventory list if you haven’t already done so , note down your electricity meter reading to potentially get reimbursement from dryer running costs associated with restoration efforts— then contact Claimrite quickly because there usually time limits on starting claims. Don’t forget to keep copies of documents sent and received about your claim – it helps support progress! Your insurer may also require additional documentation such as repair estimates and reports from engineers or surveyors detailing the extent of the damage before they can assess how much coverage they are willing to provide for repairs. Claimrite will deal with all the paperwork, estimates and reports, keeping you informed of everything as the claim progresses.

Be Prepared for Delays & Disputes

It can take weeks for an insurer to process your business flood claim and approve payment for repairs or replacements after assessing all necessary documentation. Also, be aware that some insurers may dispute certain claims if they believe that the damage was caused by something other than flooding, so it’s wise to keep detailed records throughout this process in case there are any disputes down the line.  Claimrite will push the claim along as quickly as possible and will also get your property fully reinstated if required.               

Flooding can have devastating consequences for businesses if they aren’t adequately prepared with flood insurance coverage. Knowing how and when to make a claim is essential for businesses owners to get their operations back up and running quickly following a flood-related disaster. With proper preparation and awareness of what’s covered under different types of policies, business owners can ensure they receive the financial assistance they need during difficult times like these. You are not alone and Claimrite are on hand to help with any queries you may have. We manage property insurance claims on behalf of commercial property owners and managers. Whether you are a buy-to-let owner, or manage a single office, office block, retail outlet or warehouse we’ll work quickly to minimise the disruption to you, and your customers.

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